How Old Is Dr Anthony Fauci; Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth 2022

How Old Is Dr Anthony Fauci; Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth 2022

How Old Is Dr Anthony Fauci; Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth 2022

How Old Is Dr Anthony Fauci; Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth 2022

Anthony Stephen Fauci (OMRI) is an American physician-scientist and immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute Of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, since 2021. Dr. Anthony Fauci has served as Director of the National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases since1984. He has become a prominent leader during the novel coronavirus pandemic for his immense contribution to fighting the virus. Fauci is popularly known for his advisory capacity. In his own little way, before claiming the office of chief medical advisor to the president in 2021, Fauci has advised six U.S presidents, starting as far back as Ronald Reagan! He has given delicate advises on domestic global health issues. He is widely known in the scientific community and holds quite a very high reputation.


Anthony Stephen Fauci was born on December 24, 1940 in Brooklyn New York.

Growing up, Fauci has always been exposed to the medical field, he grew up having his interest piqued in science at a very young age. Fauci’s family owned a small neighbourhood pharmacy where Fauci had to give up prescriptions to those in need of them with his bicycle.


Fauci attended Regis High School in Manhattan, where he served as captain of the basketball team. Before turning his focus to premed studies at the college of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. After graduating first in his class from New York City’s Cornell Medical College in 1966, he completed his internship and residency at the New York hospital-Cornell medical center.


Dr. Anthony attended Cornell medical college before beginning his long career at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in 1968. After taking over as NIAID director in 1984, he became known for his groundbreaking work in HIV -AIDS research, helping to develop effective drugs to scale back the once outsized mortality rate. Fauci later led U.S government efforts to combat outbreak of the West Nile Virus, SARS and Ebola, before returning to the spotlight in 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic.


Having contributed so much to the medical field and science at large, it is no surprise that such a scientific-legendary figure has bagged for himself such reputable and prestigious recognitions, some of his awards includes; National Medal Of Science, which he won in year 2005), the Golden Plate Award he bagged in 2003, Presidential Medal Of Freedom in 2008 amongst many others!


The 81 years old scientist has a height of 5 feet (152.4 cm) 7 inches (17.78 cm) and weigh about 80 kg.


Fauci net worth as of 2019 was $2.5 million but of course there was a notably increase in his net worth as with his new office held. As of 2022, Dr. Anthony Fauci is said to be worth over $10 million.


Fauci got married to Christine Grady in 1985 and the two love birds has been together ever since then! Bearing three daughters ; Jennifer Fauci, Megan Fauci and Allison Fauci. The 81-year-old scientist is indeed not only a proud scientist but a loving father and husband.

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