Iggy Azalea Responds To Critics After Announcing Collab With Tory Lanez

Iggy Azalea Responds To Critics After Announcing Collab With Tory Lanez

Iggy Azalea Responds To Critics After Announcing Collaboration With Tory Lanez

Personally, one of my favorite and most beautiful female artists is Iggy Azalea. Her ability to stay out of online fights, her style of music and beauty are all top-notch. Well, earlier on, some critics deemed it necessary to speak against her choice of music collaboration with another male artist. Let us look at what transpired, actually.

Iggy Azalea is a female American singer and song write who recently shared her response on Twitter, yesterday, Friday 7th October 2022. The response was to the criticism she got after it was revealed that she shall be working on a new album with a male hip hop sar, Tory Lanez. Tory who has been known to be on the news was expected to serve as the executive producer on Azalea’s next album.

Iggy shared to her followers and she said, “You’re all very welcome to speak your opinion freely about me… just as long as we all have an understanding: you are having a monologue & not a discussion with me – because (respectfully) my bills remain paid without your two cents.

Her replies were not specifically directed to the Tory Lanez announcement, many of her followers in the replies stirred up the topic. But, coincidentally, her tweet came just a few moments after Lanez confirmed the duo working together.

The first FEMALE URBAN ALBUM i will EXECUTIVE PRODUCE will be @IGGYAZALEA Next Album !!!” Tory said on Twitter, he continued “I’ve been wanting to E.P a FEMALE ARTIST ALBUM for a while … I want to RAISE THE BAR .. On the BEATS, PRODUCTION & OVERALL XPERIENCE of FEMALE ALBUMS … this is going to be fun.”

On that social media post by Tory, a fan asked why he actually choose to work with Azalea over many other female singers in the industry, he said: “She has 65 MILLION RECORDS SOLD …. COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT ….. And went DIAMOND CERTIFIED with her FIRST RECORD …… WHY NOT IGGY ?” Well, for us, that seems to be a fair reply. Who does not want to identify with success?

Azalea didn’t reply any more nor share more information about the upcoming album. Her last album was called The End of an Era, and was dropped in 2021.

On Twitter, you can see more of Iggy’s replies to her fans.

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